Roof Repair and Replacement Specialists in Incline Village, NV

Incline Village, NV’s Trained and Certified Roof Replacement Contractor

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Founded as a hub for the logging industry, Incline Village has transformed into an exquisite community where successful business professionals take residence. Mills Roofing is the locally-based roofer that homeowners have trusted for more than 40 years. We are experienced in working with all types of metal and shingle roofing.

A roof replacement by Mills Roofing can be relied upon for years to come. We offer a complete menu of metal roofing systems within that scope, including standing seam and exposed fastener. Because your roof has to withstand the harshest weather, including wind, rain, snow, ice, and sun exposure, your roof needs the durability and quality of materials to last a lifetime. Our team members possess the knowledge and experience to guide you to the roof type that best meets your needs within your timeframe and budget. Contact one of our estimators today for a free quote.


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If your roof has been damaged or suffered excess wear and tear, you need a knowledgeable roofer to make repairs. We have an established track record of delivering fast, reliable roof repair services. We don’t merely address the roof surface. Our technicians are trained to identify the root cause of your roof’s damage to ensure that your roof is restored wholly. If your roof becomes damaged in an emergency, contact us to provide quick mitigation and repair.



Comprehensive Roof Maintenance Services in Incline Village, NV

A routine, annual inspection of your complete roofing system dramatically reduces the likelihood that your roof will fail. With Mills Roofing by your side, we perform all roof maintenance services, including inspections, roof snow removal, ice dam removal, and screw tune-up. Homeowners in Incline Village have come to identify us as the roofer who takes preventative roof maintenance seriously. You can trust that we will go above and beyond to ensure the safety and well-being of your home’s roof.

Incline Village, NV’s Certified Roof Maxx Dealer and Installerbeautiful home on lake

Roof rejuvenation is one means to extend the life of your home’s existing roof. Roof Maxx is the industry’s leading product to guarantee that your existing asphalt shingle roof can withstand signs of aging and the early need for replacement. Roof Maxx is known to extend the life of your roof by five years per treatment and up to 15 years after three treatments.

Mills Roofing is proud to be a dealer and installer of Roof Maxx. We trust the product because the manufacturers of Roof Maxx stand behind their product with a 5-year warranty. Proven industry data demonstrates that Roof Maxx substantially improves your roof’s shingle permeability and reduces your roof’s susceptibility to hail damage. Contact us today to learn more about how Roof Maxx can work for you.