Roof Maxx Services in Kings Beach, CA

Roof Maxx is a sustainable, soy-based, spray-on roofing application for asphalt shingles. Roof Maxx is applied to a roof that is aging and showing signs of fading, staining, and granulation loss. As an asphalt shingle ages, it loses the essential oils that help keep it flexible and its granules intact. When those oils start to disappear, the shingles can begin cracking.

Roof Maxx is a way to preserve and extend the life of your roof, keep it out of the landfill, and avoid the cost of replacing it. Roof Maxx is a time machine for your roof! This amazing product can extend your roof’s life by five years per treatment. If used repeatedly, it can add up to 15 years to your current roof life.

The wear and tear on your roof from the cycle of hot and cold weather can be relentless. When this extra stress is placed on your shingle roof it can shorten its lifespan, resulting in a roof replacement sooner than necessary. Don’t take that chance and go with Roof Maxx coating. 


Amazing Features of Roof Maxx in Kings Beach, CA:

  • Offers a deep enrichment to increase shingle pliability
  • Significantly improves adhesion
  • Reduces shingle permeability by approximately 60%
  • Decreases the average hail depression by approximately 24%
  • Does not increase fire spread or flames



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