Self-Adhesive Roofs from Mills Roofing – A Flat Roof Alternative

Self-adhesive roofs are the newest and best alternative for flat roofs, and can be used on many different kinds of surfaces.

This technology does not use torches to adhere the different plys. The adhesion comes from a chemical reaction between the different layers to create a durable roofing system. This application method is most beneficial to contractors. Self-adhesive roof installation requires no flames, hot asphalt, fumes or mess making the process faster, easier and cleaner. They are also environmentally friendly because there are no dangerous chemicals in the material.

They have been made to provide excellent longevity and are highly functional. We feel there is nothing safer or more durable than installing self-adhesive roofing materials.  Self-adhesive roofs come in a variety of colors to help compliment other intersecting roofs and exterior siding.  Ask the professionals at Mills Roofing how we can help you with a self-adhesive roofing system.

Mills Roofing specializes in Commercial Roofing, including Self Adhesive Roofs.

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