Tesla Solar Roof

Solar-powered energy is the way of the future. That’s why Telsa has taken the next steps by creating roof tiles (shingles) with solar cells that are already built-in. No more worrying about power outages in your area. Once Tesla’s Solar Roof has been installed your mind can be at ease.


Tesla Benefits:

  • Lower your carbon footprint
  • Store energy and never worry about outages again
  • Energy-efficient savings
  • Practical without sacrificing style

Durability and Style 

Not only does the design of the Telsa Solar Roof support the future of power but of style as well. No more giant bulky solar panels that have to be installed in addition to the roof itself. With the all-in-one shingle by Telsa, the future of energy has never looked as sleek and captivating. 

Tesla shingles aren’t just designed to look stylistic either. They are 3x stronger than your standard tile, so your mind can rest when it comes to worrying about potential damage to your roof from falling limbs, debris or other unseen hazards.  And if you do have any issues, you have a 25-year warranty to keep you covered from any unforeseen issues.

A Roof that Pays for Itself

Take control of your energy bill with Telsa Solar Roof!  Solar Roof is the only roof that will help pay for itself over time. Solar Roof powers your home with the lowest price per watt of any national provider ensuing you cut costs to your electricity bill immediately.

Not only does Solar Roof help you save money in your pocket, but on a much larger scale helps you save for the planet. Solar Roof helps reduce your carbon footprint and the effect that we have on the planet as a whole. Getting a Solar Roof today means a better future for tomorrow.

Roofers You Can Count On

We understand that finding a trusted roof contractor can be tough with a regular roof, let alone with one as special as Tesla Solar Roof. Have no fear though! Solar Roofs can only be installed by a limited number of roofing contractors and Mills Roofing is one trusted by Telsa.

We have your best interests in mind. We’ll work with you to see if Telsa Solar Roof is a good fit for you right now or if it may be a better option for you down the road.  We’ll only sell you a new roof if you need one, never just to sell you one.

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