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Roof Maxx is a sustainable, soy-based, spray-on roofing application for asphalt shingles. Roof Maxx is applied to a roof that is aging and showing signs of fading, staining, and granulation loss. As an asphalt shingle ages, it loses the essential oils that help keep it flexible and its granules intact. When those oils begin to disappear, the shingles can begin cracking. Roof Maxx is a way to preserve and extend the life of your roof to keep it out of the landfill and avoid the cost of replacing it. Roof Maxx is a time machine for your roof! This amazing product can extend your roof’s life by 5 years per treatment. If used repeatedly it can add up to 15 years to your current roof life.

Mills Roofing has been installing roofs and repairing damaged roofs for 40 years in the Truckee Tahoe area. They’ve seen what repetitive freeze-thaw cycles can do to composition shingles in this area. The drying effect takes a toll on the lifespan of shingles, reducing the time before it’s necessary to replace the roof.

Amazing Features of RoofMaxx:

  • Offers a deep enrichment to increase shingle pliability
  • Significantly improves adhesion
  • Improves shingle permeability by approximately 60%
  • Decreases the average hail depression by approximately 24%
  • Does not increase fire spread or flames
5 year Warranty


This roofing solution is safe for people, pets and property. It has been certified as a USDA Bio-Preferred product which is also good for the environment. In using revolutionary soy-based technologies, this product refreshes and renews the shingles pliability through a simple low pressure spray application, this is done quickly and affordably. Flexibility restoration is effective within 72 hours of application. Any over-spray is rinsed away with rain or your garden hose. It will not stain or leave an oily residue on siding, concrete or other building materials. Its quick penetration (within 30 minutes) will minimize rain wash-off concerns as well.

“In all the time I’ve been roofing, there’s never been a product that could prolong the life of shingles before this. I was really excited when I found out what Roof Maxx could do. It’s a new development that’s going to change the roofing industry. People won’t have to replace their roofs as often. They can extend the life of their roofs for up to 15 years. That’s going to keep a lot of old roofing material out of the dump!” – Brad Mills, owner of Mills Roofing


Mills Roofing will come out to your home, evaluate the condition of your roof, and make a recommendation if Roof Maxx can help your roof.

“Often times, we’re called out for a re-roof bid and I find that I can save the roof for the homeowner. I never tell a customer to re-roof when the current roof can be rejuvenated. They might need a few repairs and then they are ready for the next few winters,” – Brad Mills, owner of Mills Roofing

Our locally owned business can be a partner in the restoration of your roof and also will be there when the time is right for your new roof replacement.

We currently offer Roof Maxx applications in the Reno, Truckee, North Lake Tahoe, & Carson City areas!

Roof Maxx