Frequently Asked Roofing Questions

Q: How to finance roof replacement?

A: We have several options available for financing through an independent Enhancify company. They have short-term, mid-term and long-term choices. Also, we accept Visa and MasterCard credit cards.

Q: What to know about roof replacement?

A: In the mountain climate, extreme heat and cold fluctuations can cause the underlayments to deteriorate. A roof can appear in good shape but will leak because the waterproof layer is not holding up.

Q: Can I deduct roof replacement?

A: Consult a CPA. Keep your receipts forever. When you sell your home, you can deduct the cost of improvements.

Q: What is a complete roof replacement?

A: Complete roof replacement means that the existing roof is torn off down to the plywood. The plywood is inspected for defects or dry rot. An Ice and Water barrier is used to cover the entire roof and then that is covered with a synthetic underlayment. The roofing material is installed, usually composition shingle or metal panels. All trim is replaced with 24 gauge painted steel, including eaves, sidewall, and valley. The plumbing vent flashing is replaced and painted.

Q: Roof replacement in winter?

A: If it’s a low snow year, we can continue to replace roofs with very precise care. The temperature must be above 40 degrees to install materials. When the weather report is clear for several days to come, we will remove and replace the roof in small sections at a time, so that they can be completely weathertight every day.

Q: Roof replacement with solar panels?

A: When you are having a solar company install panels, it is a good time to also replace the roof. The roofing team can install the “stand-offs” in a way to make sure that they will be watertight and not cause leaks.

Q: How long does roof replacement take?

A: Our typical Tahoe style roof of moderate steepness, medium size (approximately 30 squares), would take a crew of 5-6 employees about 5-6 days to complete. Of course, this varies with all kinds of factors including weather, material supplier schedules, access to the roof, county inspection schedules, etc.

Q: Why did you start offering Roof Maxx treatments?

A: After seeing the damage caused by our extreme weather in the area, we found this innovative product that can penetrate into composition shingles, and it’s a completely natural, plant-based solution. Every roof that we can prevent from being torn off and thrown away is a win for our customers and our planet.